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Gifts (also known as "donations" or "contributions") refer to cash or in-kind transfers to the University motivated by generosity, respect, admiration, or similar charitable impulses. Gifts are bestowed voluntarily and without expectation of donor involvement or sponsor benefit or any specific work product to be produced by the University. Gifts should be free of any of the terms and conditions listed in the definition of sponsored projects. Gifts are processed by Institutional Advancement.

Gifts made to support a general area of research that do not require specific deliverables, do not impart any benefit to the sponsor and do not otherwise meet the definition of a sponsored project are considered research gifts. Research gifts are not assessed indirect costs. For many reasons, it is important for both ORA and Institutional Advancement to track this type of research support. These gifts should be forwarded to ORA for processing and monitoring in a manner consistent with University policies and procedures.