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The Office of Research Administration (ORA) has responsibility for administering all externally funded projects. The ORA submits proposals to sponsors, negotiates awards on behalf of the University, performs post-award administration and ensures financial compliance. Financial compliance includes adherence to federal regulations, sponsor guidelines and restrictions and University policies and procedures. Awards administered by ORA are commonly referred to as sponsored projects.

The ORA provides complete project life cycle support (sometimes known as pre-award and post-award services) to faculty and staff engaging in sponsored projects. The ORA program administrator (PA) serves as the primary single point-of-contact for all aspects of project administration. The program administrator assigned to each investigator can be found by searching the “Contacts” list.

ORA Responsibility Areas:
  • Assist in project conceptualization and planning.
  • Provide general guidelines and assistance for proposal preparation and award administration.
  • Review, approve and submit all sponsored project proposals on behalf of the University.
  • Negotiate and accept sponsored awards. Negotiate subcontracts to other institutions.
  • Establish sponsored project cost centers, monitor performance, assist in compliance review of spending in accordance with University and sponsor policies and procedures and OMB Circulars A-21 and A-110, and assist PI’s in the financial closeout of the project.
  • Interpret federal, University and sponsor regulations, policies and guidelines.
  • Prepare invoices and financial reports. Collect cash.
  • Maintain proposal and award database and prepare management reports. Provide training and support for faculty and staff during the sponsored project life cycle.
  • Coordinate and facilitate audits.
  • Monitor programmatic and financial compliance.