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Creating Advance Sponsored Project Funds

It is occasionally desirable to open sponsored project accounts in advance of receipt of the formal award notice. Examples where this may be appropriate include recurring annual contracts, particularly those from state and local agencies, and those awards where pre-award costs are permitted 90 days prior to the awarded start date.

This policy will also apply to continuation funding or no cost extension requests where the formal notice is not received prior to the end date of the current budget period.

The ORA will open a sponsored project fund in advance of the award upon receipt of: 

  1. Sponsor’s letter of intent to award or similar correspondence that states the estimated start date and estimated award amount.
  2. Full copy of the proposal.
  3. Internal transmittal forms with appropriate signatures.
  4. Written authorization from the investigator’s department head to proceed at risk. The authorization must state that the investigator’s academic unit will fund any shortfall that results from advance spending if the award is subsequently not made or if the award is made but the expenditures are incurred prior to the awarded project start date.
  5. All human subjects and animal approvals must be in place before initiating work that involves animals or human subjects.