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Proposal Submission

Only ORA may submit proposals for sponsored funding on behalf of the University. Investigators are urged to contact their ORA program administrator (PA) as soon as a submission is anticipated. If the sponsor limits submissions from one institution, contact your PA to express your intention to submit. Interest from multiple investigators may require an internal competition as determined by the Vice Provost of Research. If there is sufficient interest in submitting, the Vice Provost for Research will announce an internal competition.

The proposal delivered to the ORA will always include:

  1. A completed Coeus proposal transmittal with all required approvals, including the department head(s) and the dean(s) for all investigators.
  2. Project Budget
  3. Project Abstract
  4. Completed Conflict of Interest Statement for each investigator
  5. Completed sponsor submission forms
  6. Copy of the solicitation or the web address for the solicitation

In addition, the submission may include as required:

  1. Cost Sharing Commitment Form
  2. Indirect Cost Waiver Form
  3. Animal Use Committee Form
  4. Human Subjects Protocol
  5. Radioactive Materials Form
  6. Biosafety Form

Please remember that a completed Coeus transmittal is also required for competing and non-competing renewals.