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Submission Facts and Deadlines

ORA must review and approve all proposals prior to sponsor submission. The increase in e-submissions has highlighted the need for sufficient lead time to ensure successful submission.

In order to ensure sufficient time for review and compilation, ORA should receive the proposal at least five working days prior to the sponsors due date. If subcontracts to other institutions are planned or if the submission involves a cross-departmental collaboration, the ORA should receive the proposal at least ten working days prior to the sponsors due date. Proposals are reviewed in the order in which they are received. ORA staff will do everything reasonably possible to submit a proposal on time.

Investigators are urged to contact their ORA program administrator (PA) as soon as a submission is anticipated. If the sponsor limits submissions from on institution, contact your PA to express your intention to submit. Interest from multiple investigators may require an internal competition as determined by the Vice Provosts of Research. If there is sufficient interest in submitting, the Vice Provost for Research will announce an internal competition. The proposal delivered to ORA will always include:

  1. A completed Submission Transmittal Form with all required signatures, including the department head(s) and the dean(s) for all investigators.
  2. Project Budget
  3. Project Abstract
  4. Completed Conflict of Interest Statement for each investigator
  5. Completed sponsor submission forms
  6. Copy of the solicitation or the web address for the solicitation

In addition, the submission may include as required:

  1. Cost Sharing Commitment Form
  2. Indirect Cost Waiver Form
  3. Animal Use Committee Form
  4. Human Subjects Protocol

In general, electronic grant applications must be successfully transmitted to the sponsor no later than 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on the date due. As the e-submission deadline approaches, transmissions get sluggish, making log-ins, uploads and final submissions slow at best. The most reliable electronic submission time is before noon. Sponsor deadlines of 8 p.m. allow for submissions on the west coast and do not affect the 5 p.m. ORA deadline.

When a submission date falls on a weekend or federal holiday, the sponsor may extend the due date to the next business day. However, do not assume this is the case without verification.

For hard copy submissions, the ORA generally sends these by overnight carrier the day before the due date. Please be advised that pick up at ORA is approximately 3 p.m. Some sponsors require proof of mailing before the due date. This may consist of either:

  1. Dated U.S. Postal Service postmark, or
  2. Dated receipt from a commercial carrier or the USPS

In general, privately metered postmarks are not acceptable and most sponsors no longer permit individuals to hand deliver applications.